Wintertime in the GC

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” (Genesis 1: 31)

Though I no longer attend Church or read the Bible as extensively as I used to, this very verse jumped out at me these past few days when three friends and I traveled to the Grand Canyon and saw quite possibly the most beautiful scenery that Earth has to offer!

a.k.a. Breathtakingly Stunning Beyond BeliefWaking up to this sight?  Yes, please!  Notice how everything about this image conveys colorfulness with peace and harmony?  How natural it was to just gaze at it and get carried away relishing in the surprise of nature, the balance of elements, the  fullness of life amidst an undisturbed silence.  Having spent a good portion of our years in LA, experiencing such a natural, undisturbed sight left us speechless.  Suddenly, all anxieties and burdens that regularly fill our minds were gone; for once, we could simply enjoy the view and ponder life’s graces without interruption.  Being the curious adventure-seekers we are, we proceeded to hike the canyon, and hike it we did…for the next few days in a row.  Win!


Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Life is good:)California girls trying to be badass mountaineers/canyoneers?

So, so, so delighted!

No words or pictures come close to describing the true magnificence of the Grand Canyon – I already miss it dearly and will always remember its charm, its perfect balance, and its endless mystery.  How lucky we are to be given such a glorious treasure on Earth!


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