New LA Adventures

Ever since returning from the Motherland, I have missed the carefreeness of going on spontaneous excursions, exploring new terrain, and most of all, of learning more about the surrounding culture.  Truth be told, I have been rather down about being back in the states, which no longer seems to fit as perfectly into my plans as it had in the past.  But alas, this post is not a negative, grumbly one.  Rather, it is one of appreciation for what is right in front of you.  Last summer, I made a bucket list of stuff I should do in LA.  Today, I reopen that list to realize that I have yet to conquer the majority of items which I once felt so enthusiastic about tackling.  Today, I resolve to see only the positive opportunities and rich history Los Angeles has.  Today, I resolve to open myself up to new possibilities throughout the year and to adventure to all the places that I have wanted to see here, albeit the busyness of school.  Anyone down to do all these with me?

 Bucket List (circa 6/2010) 

  • Santa Barbara
  • Orange
  • Hike to H Wood Sign
  • Find trails to run
  • Museums! Hammer, MOCA, LACMA
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Shows! 
  • Bike riding trip to SM
  • Skydiving
  • Benihana
  • Volunteer!
  • SD
  • D-land
  • Yosemite
  • Camping
  • K-town
  • Japantown
  • Pink’s Hot Dogs
  • San Pedro 1st Thurs Art Walk
  • El Pueblo Historical monument
  • Hollywood Forever Cemetery
  • Game show taping: Sony pictures studios; Jeopardy, Ellen Degeneres, etc!
  • Getty
  • Start training for half marathon?
  • Continue writing, reading, decorating
  • The aquarium
  • Newport
  • Brent’s Deli
  • Acme comedy
  • Westwood farmers market
  • Venice Beach
  • Hollywood Museum
  • Lauryl Canyon
  • Westwood Village Memorial Park: Marilyn Monroe’s grave
  • Medieval Times
  • Museum of Tolerance
  • San Gabriel Mountains
  • Kayak and/or surf at Marina Del ray
  • go on a UCLA Outdoor Adventure
  •  hike the Hollywood Sign
  •  visit the Getty at night!!!!!
  •  My Last Lecture Award
  •  Gymnastics Meet
  •  play disc golf around campus
  •  Walk of Fame
  • find the Dim Sum truck
  • Find the Boba Truck
  • layout in a game
  • Run to top of Bel Air
  •  Dinner for 12 Strangers
  •  A Capella Concert
  •  participate in dance marathon (moraler or volunteer)
  •  go to a movie premiere
  •  go clubbing…?
  •  Venice beach boardwalk
  • run to a breakfast place (not at UCLA or Westwood)
  •  fly kites…somewhere
  •  night/moonlight hike
  •  take a class at JWC





About Kathy

US-turned-international educator, I enjoy sharing my travels, education experiences, and general thoughts on life. Thank you for visiting my page!
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